Vasco Career College is a California Department of Public Health Approved Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)/Certified Home Health Aide Continuing Education (CE) Provider for classroom instructions only (NAC#1107)

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs)/Certified Home Health Aide need 48 hours of CEUs per 2 year renewal period. Only 24 hours can be taken online; the remaining 24 hours must be taken in a classroom.  In addition to the CEUs, a Certified Nursing Assistant must work at least 8 hours in the 2-year renewal period.

Fee: $56.00/8 hours 

CE Provider Course List:Credit Hours
Caring for the Person with Alzheimer’s Disease3
Promoting Dignity2
Caring for the Person with Diabetes2
Understanding Restraints and Restraint Alternatives1
Preventing Abuse and Neglect3
Assisting with Death and Dying3
Managing Stress3
Preventing Infection2
Protecting Healthcare Workers and Others for TB2
Using Proper Body Mechanics2
Preventing Falls in the Elderly2
Preventing Accidents and Injuries2
Understanding and Promoting Residents’ and Clients’3
Maintaining Confidentiality1
Establishing Trust Through Communication2
Basic Nutrition3
The Keys to Correct Documentation2
Preventing Skin Breakdown3
Strokes and Related Care3
Domestic Violence1
Guideline for HIV and AIDS2
CPR, A CPR Update6
Pressure Sore1
Blood borne Pathogens1
Colostomy Care1
Lung Cancer1
Personal Hygiene1
Isolation Precaution1
Psychological Abuse1
Physical Abuse1
Food Safety1